Brand new site, but a work in progress...

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So, I finally got around to creating a new site. I started over from scratch. It's pretty simple, pretty boring... sure. It's all HTML5 and CSS3, however. It's done with Django and Python. There's some jQuery mixed in there too. I'm pretty happy with it so far, all though, I may fix up the design a little bit. I know I will be adding features quickly as I'm far from done. However, I just wanted to get the site up so that Josh would stop asking me every time we talked if and when this thing was going to go live. Although, I can't blame him... I've been saying for the past, oh... 2 years that I was going to redo my site; all the while leaving the site in "maintenance" mode for the entire time. If this site does not work well for you, I wouldn't doubt it. I have only tested it in modern browsers and I have not tested it at all in IE. Although, I'm pretty certain it should work OK in IE9... feel free to contact me if it doesn't.

So, what will this site do? Nothing. Move along.

Actually, it will just host my personal stuff. I'll be able to post stuff about my latest projects and maybe if I ever getting around to doing a new mix (I'm thinking dubstep), I will list it in my music section. I also have a hankering to post some ideas every now and then and so I created this "blog" section as well. To the right you can see my latest tweets even! How snazzy.

So, check it out. Leave a comment. Contact me. Check out my projects. Listen to my mixes. Read meaningless stuff. I love you.