Back to working out

I've taken a lot of time off from working out lately... I have done the occasional day of weights, but that was few and far between with the most consistent time being once per week. Ever since I had my shoulder surgery, it has just been hard to get back into it after 8 months of not doing it. That was 2 years ago! So, other than kayaking and mountain biking and the occasional day on the heavy bag, I haven't done much. I've gained weight too. I'm not at 182 lbs. I've never weighed this much, however, I have been fatter before. I do have more muscle than I did when I used to weigh around 178 lbs in my mid 20's. Nevertheless, I still feel gross and out of shape.

My diet sucks too. However, I have never had a perfectly clean diet. I enjoy ice cream and french fries! That's my guilty pleasures, as well as various candy. Other than that though, my diet is pretty decent. I don't eat much fast food. I try to eat mostly whole foods (besides french fries... )

Anyway, It's time to get back to it all. I've taken enough time off from consistently working out. I'll be going back to a 3 day a week weight routine. On my "off" days, I'll be mountain biking, kayaking or playing tennis. I'll throw some heavy bag training in there on occasions. I want to do a Friday, Sunday, Tuesday routine because I work from home on Friday's and can make a quick trip into my garage to workout. Sunday's I'm usually at home too. Tuesday's aren't that busy for me, so it's the only other option.

So today I started back with a leg workout.

  1. Body weight squats for a warmup - 2 sets x 20 reps
  2. Barbell squats - Barx5, 95x5, 105x5, 115x5, 125x5, 135x5
  3. Stiff-leg Deadlifts - 95x5, 135x8, 135x8
  4. Calve raises - 40x15, 40x15
  5. Crunches with heavy bag - 2 x 15
  6. Planks - 2 x 1 min

Not a very intense routine, but a good start back. I haven't done barbell squats in forever since I dislocated my shoulder doing them many years ago. I've decided to give them another try. I did fairly well with them. Especially considering when I did them with just 95 lbs that one time I dislocated my shoulder. However, the entire thing still felt scary. I took it slow and easy.

Tuesday will be some shoulder and arm work. I do a lot of rehabilitation shoulder work, so I tend to put these on a day of their own right now and add biceps and triceps along with them. Friday will be back and chest. I also plan on going for at least 1 bike ride this week, probably Thursday. I also intend on playing tennis at least once this week as well.