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I wrote this for a pet project for our teams hipchat. Yes, there are bots for hipchat that do similar things, but I wanted to put it all together and also learn about bot programming. It lets you remind yourself and others of stuff, runs builds, checks builds, tells jokes, makes memes, etc... I wrote it in Ruby.


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A silly app I made to help my family track our real-time expenses so we can see where we are with our account balance. Utilizing django, python, jQuery.


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Yes, it's a generic name. Yes, I have thought about changing it. Why did I name it this? Because. At the time, I was sick of obscure names for command line arguments. In hindsight, it makes sense to name it something simple, yet unique.

What is it? It's a command line SMTP client that support TLS, SMTP AUTH, Attachments, encryption with GPG and some other basic features. It was created originally to be a very simple SMTP client for mailing reports by a nightly crontab. It has grown a bit, but has stayed pretty simple. It's written in C and depends on my own C library called dlib. I don't code on this project as much as I used to, but I still do keep it up to date by fixing bugs and doing the occasional feature enhancement.


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dlib is simply a library I use for my C projects. It has stuff like string buffers, linked lists, vectors, hash tables and some basic network type functions. It's all utility type stuff. I originally wrote it to accompany eMail. However, I have used it in some other projects that I have not published and died quickly. There isn't too much activity on this project.