A Vocal House/Progressive mix, done on

Another Ableton Live mix. I was really into vocals and Kaskade at the time and wanted to make a mix of all of my favorite Kaskade tracks for I could listen to them in a nice mix fashion. I also threw in some other favs at the end of it all that aren't Kaskade related.


An Electro/Progressive mix, done on

This was my first Electro House type mix as well as my first mix using Ableton Live. A lot of dirty beats in here but it eventually transitions into a sort of progressive house type set. I like it, personally.


A Progressive House mix, done on

A progressive house mix done using CDJ's. I worked on this mix a lot and did it over and over until I couldn't stand the music anymore. I think I have personally listened to this mix a handful of times since I couldn't stand the tracks anymore after I was done mixing them.


A Progressive House mix, done on

A progressive house mix done on CDJ's as well. This was done while I was on a short leave from work. I was heading out to Toronto in 2 days, hence the name of the mix.


A Trance mix, done on

This mix was done using pure Vinyl and some Technics turntables. It's a trance mix and it was done for my sister as she's a big Trance fan. She was opening a tanning salon called Taboo Tan and she wanted a mix she could play for her customers.