What happens when you sit at a desk for 13 years - and actually exercise.

Update/Note After a bad fall on my mountain bike that jacked up my back and caused a broken rib, I started to exhibit back issues. My doctor and physical therapist recommend I try out a standing desk at work to see if it helped with my back fatigue that was caused by these injuries. As of this update, I have been using a standing desk for 1 week as well as doing my exercises. I will report back in a month (maybe a bit longer if time slips by) and let you know where I stand (get it? tee hee) on this issue and if my opinion has changed at all.

Update June 22nd, 2017 I have been using my standing desk for 6 months. It did not help my back issues. What did help my back issues was stretching and exercise. I went 2 months with just the standing desk and typical exercise and did not notice a difference. When I finally started targeting my back with specific strengthening/stretching exercises, I started to feel the difference. The desk is still super nice and I enjoy it, however, it does not seem to offer any significant or noticeable health benefits for myself. At most, it is just nice to change positions every now and then.


Modes of communication

This is something my wife and I have learned through counseling as well as just putting it to practice throughout our marriage. I always found it to be very helpful for us, so I figured I'd post it up.

There are, in general, 3 modes of communication.


Back to working out

I've taken a lot of time off from working out lately... I have done the occasional day of weights, but that was few and far between with the most consistent time being once per week. Ever since I had my shoulder surgery, it has just been hard to get back into it after 8 months of not doing it. That was 2 years ago! So, other than kayaking and mountain biking and the occasional day on the heavy bag, I haven't done much. I've gained weight too. I'm not at 182 lbs. I've never weighed this much, however, I have been fatter before. I do have more muscle than I did when I used to weigh around 178 lbs in my mid 20's. Nevertheless, I still feel gross and out of shape.

My diet sucks too. However, I have never had a perfectly clean diet. I enjoy ice cream and french fries! That's my guilty pleasures, as well as various candy. Other than that though, my diet is pretty decent. I don't eat much fast food. I try to eat mostly whole foods (besides french fries... )


How to save VPN passwords with NetworkManger

I was having a lot of trouble with NetworkManager not saving my VPN group and user passwords. I'm guessing this is a bug and I did see some references to launchpad bugs while doing my googling to find a solution. However, it took me a while to figure it out. It requires a little editing of the system-connection files.

If you look in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/, you will see your connection files. Open one of them and change a few of the settings. The two settings I had to change/add were:


My experience with Android coming from iOS... so far...

So, after a little over a month with my Android phone and tablet, I can confidently say that Android wins in the phone market... Unless you're a timid user, then the iPhone wins due to sheer usability. However, the Android is way more configurable and fun to use, but it lacks polish in a lot of areas and inconsistencies throughout the interface would make it a task for unsure users.

However, on the tablet market, iPad still owns, IMO. For one main reason... Media. Android and Android developers just can't seem to get it right. Browsing through movies, TV Shows and other Media on the iPad is awesome with cover art, complete ID3 tags and everything working as it should. On the Android device, it's a chore and an ugly one at that.


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