Hide gnome-terminal menubar in gnome3 on Ubuntu 11.10

So, lately I have been using Ubuntu 11.10 inside of Parallels on my Mac. I have really enjoyed using Gnome 3. It is a vast improvement over the Gnome 2. The reason I left Linux and started using a Mac was specifically the desktop experience. I loved Linux up until around the year 2007 and I started using a Mac then because I realized the desktop wasn't going anywhere. Gnome was stuck in the 1990's and KDE is just simply an odd experience, not very intuitive and kind of reminds me of a bubble gum pop star, but without the sex appeal.

So, fast forward to today and now I find Gnome to be completely usable. I love the Activities pane. I love how it manages virtual desktops. I love the "dock" and how it only shows up in Activities mode. I love the quick search Gnome-Do like application finder. I love the notifications and how well some apps like Empathy uses it. I'm pretty happy so far... I'm going to run it in Parallels for a while at home and at work and if I find myself happy enough, I may switch back to Ubuntu full time... although, not on the MacBook Air. It's kind of a miserable experience installing it natively on one...

Anyway, I ran into an issue with gnome-terminal that I thought I could share. I don't like having the menubar show up with each new terminal that is open. So, I turned it off in the settings. However, for some reason this didn't work. Even though I unchecked "Show menubar by default in new terminals", it kept showing up.

Well, I ran across a bug on launchpad for it and a suggestion was made to remove the appmenu packages and this would fix the issue. Well, it did for me. All I did was

sudo apt-get --purge autoremove appmenu-gtk appmenu-gtk3

Then I logged out and back into Gnome and booya, no more menubar in gnome-terminal. I hope this helps someone... or possibly myself in the future.